“While many musicians want to be unique or mysteriously artistic, Lombardo’s goal is to be accessible.” -Queen Anne News & Magnolia News

"While working with Zach on the video for Endless Surrender, it was evident that careful thought was put into his music. Every song has a unique story behind it that can be brought to life.” -Spin Creative Group

“Being accessible means catering his performance to his audience…” -Madison Park Times

With experience in many performance settings and musical genres, Zach Lombardo’s music incorporates variety with ear-catching melodies. Zach has been performing around the Pacific Northwest and beyond for over fifteen years and has also studied music at the college level. During this time, he has has the privilege of showcasing his music on many prominent stages. Zach’s most recent EP, “One Without It,” was released in 2018. "Endless Surrender was released in 2013." In any occasion Zach provides a unique blend of an eclectic musical library that resonates with any audience.